We're pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year Electric Igloo will be hosting the Quickfreeze Short Film Competition. This year's showcase will screen at Beartooth Theater on Dec 11th at 10:15pm. Check the Quickfreeze page for details.
Filming in Remote Alaskan Locations

Filming in Remote Alaskan Locations

How I left 90% of my gear at home and found happiness in my production backpack. This past summer I landed a couple production jobs in a row that sent me out of town.  WAY out of town and without an assistant.  For the last 2 years I have relied heavily on 2 camera bodies to do 90% of my…

Hitwomen 69 – Behind the Scenes

  A couple behind the scenes shots from our production of "Hitwomen 69; A Snake In The Grass".  The film was completed as a part of the Anchroage 48 Hour Film Challenge #4.The original concept can be attributed to Shanette Harper and Stephanie Wonchala who while dreaming about the 70's on the Wednesday before the competition sparked a flame that…

“You can only get as high as you dare to climb”

October 10, 2013

48 Hours with the BMPCC

When Blackmagic Design announced the Pocket Cinema Camera I put in an order as soon as I could - one finally came in about a week and a half ago from DVE Store. This past weekend I had the chance to put the camera to the test a with a location production and limited support equipment. For that production Electric…

Coors Light – Spots released

Zak Melms was 1st AC for camera operator Tom Pillifant on 2 separate shoots with the Calvary Agency for Coors Light.  

-15 Below Dan

Dan Lee flew his Steadicam with the Sony FS-100 for two days with Electric Igloo while filming a music video with the Alaskan band Pamyua. On the morning of day 2 everyone had to keep moving to stay warm in the -15 below temperatures and breeze that kicked up off the ocean. Way to go Dan for sticking this one…